Training and ongoing legal advice.

Vocational and corporate training

Food businesses have a continuous need for training their staff and human resources, in order for them to manage everyday legal issues autonomously, and to periodically adapt their activities to the most relevant legislative changes and developments.

The Firm offers its experience in vocational and corporate training to all operators willing to organize training sessions on premise, also with the financial support of EU funding, where applicable.

Similar highly qualified training activities can be organized for public bodies, local health authorities and inspection bodies, for updates on specific topics related to food law.

Ongoing legal advice

Companies operating in the food sector rarely have in-house legal departments, even though they actually need ongoing legal advice from expert lawyers on a daily basis.

In such cases, this essential legal support can be outsourced to the Law Firm Studio Legale Stefano Senatore, through an agreement of “total working hours” which guarantees highly qualified assistance to the company on a daily basis and for whatever need it may have, and at the same time it allows to get a detailed estimate of the costs of the service at any time.

The training and legal advice services can be organized both on premise – through meetings, seminars and workshops – and using remote communication systems such as e-learning, webinars and video conferencing conversation forums.

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Other services.

Labelling and information for consumers

Mandatory information, voluntary information, nutritional and health claims.


Production and commerce, labelling, PDO and PGI, registers and declarations, aromatized wines.

Food safety
and hygiene

Traceability, withdrawal and recall, hygiene requirements, Haccp, flexibility.

Food supplements, fortified food and novel food

Food supplements, fortified food, novel food, food for specific population groups.

Geographical indications and quality schemes

PDO, PGI, TSG, organic, integrated production, certification and collective marks.

Organization of the company and trade relations

Contracts, e-commerce, trademarks, penalties, debts recovery, litigations.


Obligations to start production, public contribution, administrative proceedings and appeals.