Administrative law​

The Firm assists food companies in keeping relations with public authorities, both in the context of administrative requirements and in the litigation and court proceedings, offering the services listed below.

  • Assistance in the administrative procedures necessary to start production and transformation of products, trade, administration and online sales

  • Legal and bureaucratic assistance for obtaining European and national funding and public contributions

  • Filing of pleadings or other defense statements to the Control Authorities, in administrative proceedings initiated for the adoption of sanctions or corrective measures (for example regarding labeling, safety and hygiene, traceability, PDO and PGI, unfair commercial practices and misleading advertising)

  • Appeals before the Administrative Court against the decisions taken by the Italian Competition Authority, as well as against the corrective measures of the Control Authority pursuant to Art. 54 Reg. (CE) No. 882/2004 and against any other provision of the Public Administration (e.g. about public procurement or concessions for catering services)

Other Services

Labelling and information for consumers

Mandatory information, voluntary information, nutritional and health claims.


Production and commerce, labelling, PDO and PGI, registers and declarations, aromatized wines.

Food safety
and hygiene

Traceability, withdrawal and recall, hygiene requirements, Haccp, flexibility.

Food supplements, fortified food and novel food

Food supplements, fortified food, novel food, food for specific population groups.

Geographical indications and quality schemes

PDO, PGI, TSG, organic, integrated production, certification and collective marks.

Organization of the company and trade relations

Contracts, e-commerce, trademarks, penalties, debts recovery, litigations.

Training and corporate advice

On-premise training courses, webinar, ongoing legal advice.